ActionHat for Phones

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The ActionHat for Phones includes the ActionHat plus the smartphone mounting kit, allowing you to mount your smartphone or any action camera.

Wear it forwards or backwards. Film your adventures, hobbies and DIY projects and share instantly with your phone.

Kit includes:
(1) ActionHat and Aluminum Mount
(1) Smartphone Mount
(1) GoPro to Tripod Adapter
(1) Short Mounting Screw

IMPORTANT: The ActionHat may not float with a smartphone attached. Please install and use mount as shown in picture for extra protection. Ensure screws are tighten prior to each use. As most phones are not waterproof, please use with care around water. Ensure the hat is on securely as the extra weight and size of the phone can make it front heavy. 




Frequently Asked Questions:

What size smartphone will it fit?

Yes, the ActionHat for Phones will work with any GoPro camera, action camera or smartphone.

Fits most smartphones: 2.20 inches to 3.34 inches (56 mm to 85 mm). You can also mount a headlamp with the smartphone mount.


Smartphone Adapter for GoPro Mounts